Tom Wolf, Governor
Yassmin Gramian, Secretary of Transportation


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FindMyRidePA is a Pennsylvania-based service designed to help anyone identify and evaluate options to meet their transportation needs.

At this time, the transportation services available through FindMyRidePA are limited to local public transportation options (i.e., fixed-route buses that operate on fixed schedules and shared-ride services) but will be expanded over time to include commercial services (e.g. taxi, train, private bus carriers etc.) and other non-profit transportation services.

Regardless of whether you are traveling to an unfamiliar area or you are traveling in your own community, FindMyRidePA can help you identify the best options to meet your needs in terms of cost, travel time and accessibility.

If you have special transportation needs, FindMyRidePA can help you explore shared-ride services which will pick you up at your origin and take you to your destination. Depending on your circumstances, these services may be available at a highly discounted rate or may even be free of charge.

There are many public and private transportation options available throughout the Commonwealth. However, finding and comparing them can be complex. FindMyRidePA is intended to address this problem by providing access to these options through a single, easy to use website.

FindMyRidePA is being rolled out across the state county by county. You can visit the FindMyRidePA website ( or call 1-844-PA4-RIDE to see a list of counties where it is currently available or to learn more about the service.