Signing up with 511PA

  1. Visit 511PA and select ‘Sign Up’ from the menu options in the top right corner.
  2. Enter your name, email, and create a password. Click ‘Sign Up’ when done.
  3. Verify your account by following the link that was sent to your email.
  4. If you registered with a phone number, you will also receive an SMS (text) with your confirmation code. Please note that this is only to confirm your mobile number for receiving text notifications and that you must first register your account in step 3 before you can verify your phone number. You can verify your phone number here
Signing up with 511PA


Creating & Saving a Customized Route

  1. Sign in to 511PA.
  2. Enter your start and end locations by typing the addresses into the address fields. Alternatively, you may also right click on the map, select a location from the available options, and select whether the location will be the start or end of your trip. Once you have entered the route locations, click ‘Drive’.
  3. Review the routes generated and select the one that suits you best. If none of the routes provided are satisfactory, you can select the route on the map and drag it accordingly.
  4. When done, enter a name for your route and click ‘Save’. You will be presented with the option to create a notification for the route you just created
Creating and saving Route


Creating a Notification for your Route

  1. Sign in to 511PA.
  2. In the Manage My Routes table, find the route that you previously saved that you would like to create a notification for and click ‘Create notification’.
  3. A route notification modal will popup with the default notification settings for your route. Click ‘Save’ if you wish to use these default settings.
  4. If you wish to change the default settings, press ‘Edit’ and proceed to the Manage Notification page.
Creating a notification for your route


Creating Advisory Notification

  1. Sign in to 511PA.
  2. In the ‘My Routes & notifications’ page, select ‘My Advisory Notification’
  3. Fill the required fields and click ‘Subscribe to Advisory Notification’
Creating Advisory Notification


Setting Map Legend

  1. Sign in to 511PA.
  2. Simply select the information you would like displayed by default on the map.
  3. Click ‘Save’ when done.
Map Preference


Saving Map View


By clicking on the Save icon'Save' icon at the top of the map, you can save your current map view. You can return to this view at anytime by clicking on the Location Icon'location' icon.
Saving Map View


Saving & Editing Camera

  1. Sign in to 511PA.
  2. Select the cameras checkbox in the map legend.
  3. Select a camera by clicking the camera icon and click ‘My Cameras’ button. Select the camera view you want the camera to be added to. Create a custom camera view by clicking 'New Camera View'
  4. To view and edit your saved cameras, go to My Cameras.
  5. In Manage My Cameras page, click on the 'Manage Camera Views' to add, modify or delete a camera view.
  6. To enter a custom nickname for your saved camera, simply type your desired nickname into the camera nickname field.
Saving and Editing Cameras

Managa my cameras


Modifying route to avoid closure

Click on the route segment near the closure and drag the waypoint away from the closure.  More than one waypoint may be needed to avoid the closure.

Route with Closure
Route with Closure
Using waypoint to route around Closure
Route without Closure